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¡Tiempo atmosférico asombroso!

¿Qué hay dentro?

  • La percepción real de la nubosidad, neblina y niebla, lluvia y nieve, tormentas, la hierba sacudida por el viento, el sol y la luna...
  • Barra del tiempo deslizable - vea el clima en cualquier momento.
  • Turn any picture into landscape or browse our collection
  • Prepárese para las sorpresas. :-)

¡Disfrute del tiempo atmosférico!

ATTENTION YoWindow for Windows and Mac will not work in 2021

The desktop version of YoWindow was made with Flash technology by Adobe back in 2009. Unfortunately, since 1 Jan 2021 Flash is no longer supposed to work.

YoWindow for Windows and Mac is not able to function without Flash. If you uninstall Flash from your computer, YoWindow will not be able to work.

We are sorry. Unfortunately, the situation is beyond our control.

Anyway, right now we are working on new YoWindow version that will not depend on Flash. We hope to release the new version in 2024. If you own YoWindow license key it will unlock the new version. For the time being you are welcome to run YoWindow on iOS or YoWindow on Android.

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